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A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the uterus. It is one of the more common major surgeries. Indications are numerous and may include bleeding problems, fibroids, pain, endometriosis, prolapse or malignancies of the uterus, cervix, tubes or ovaries.

Hysterectomy can be achieved by one of several methods.

The uterus may be removed through the vagina, a vaginal hysterectomy or through an abdominal incision, an abdominal hysterectomy. Sometimes the uterus is removed with the aid of a laparoscope utilizing small abdominal incisions. More recently, a robot has been added to laparoscopic surgery to accomplish hysterectomy.

The method of hysterectomy is determined by the indications for the surgery along with the patient and surgeon’s consultative input.

There are three types of hysterectomies:

Supracervical Hysterectomy

This procedure consists of the removal of the uterus without the cervix.

Total Hysterectomy

Removal of both the uterus and cervix.

Radical Hysterectomy or Modified Radical Hysterectomy

As the name implies, this procedure is more extensive and involves the removal of the uterus, cervix, parts of the vagina, the Fallopian tubes, ovaries, and lymph nodes affected by cancer.

What is a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy?

Laparoscopic hysterectomy involves inserting multiple surgical tubes (ports) equipped with high-intensity light and high-resolution cameras into the abdominal wall.

Once the tubes are inside the abdominal wall, carbon dioxide gas is pumped through one of the ports to puff up the abdomen and improve vision.

Your surgeon will then insert a laparoscope and other surgical tools into the ports to start performing the surgery.

Next, your surgeon will have two options based on what you’ve previously discussed.

Regardless of the approach taken by your surgeon, the uterus will be removed without leaving any big scars on your abdomen.

This procedure is done under general anesthesia and takes between 1-3 hours.

Who is a candidate for a hysterectomy?

There are several indications for a hysterectomy; however, your healthcare provider will leave this option as a last resort when all other treatment modalities have failed.

Here is a list of medical conditions that may need a hysterectomy:

Note that hysterectomy is not first-line therapy in the management of these conditions, as pharmacological drugs and lifestyle changes may be tried first.

Da Vinci Hysterectomy

The Da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy uses cutting-edge technology to reduce the invasiveness of the procedure. This revolutionary technology utilizes a robot programmed to mimic the surgeon’s motions during the surgery.

The main advantages of this procedure are:

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