Myosure Fibroid and Polyp Removal Procedure

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths of the uterine wall.

While small fibroids are generally harmful, bigger ones could precipitate infertility, abdominal pain, and intermenstrual bleeding.

In the recent past, the treatment for this condition consisted of a hysterectomy; however, as our understanding of reproductive physiology advances, we possess better, faster, cheaper, and safer alternatives.

Perhaps the most innovative one is the Hologic Myosure tissue removal system.

This technique got the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) back in 2009. The procedure focuses on removing fibroids and polyps without having to make an incision on your skin or apply general anesthesia.

Symptoms of Polyps Vs. Fibroids

Depending on the location and size of the fibroid tissues, women may experience the following signs and symptoms:


Severe pain in the pelvic area is a common symptom seen in women with fibroids, especially when the benign tumor starts to compress heavily innervated organs.

This pain is usually unresponsive to conventional painkillers.

Heavy menstrual bleeding

Unusually high amounts of blood during menstrual bleeding is also a common sign of fibroids since these tumors have a rich blood supply that may leak into the uterus during menstruations.

Urinary symptoms

Frequent urges to urinate, burning sensation during micturition, and slow urine stream are typical signs of an abnormal mass that’s compressing the bladder and the urethra.


Dyspareunia is a medical term that describes a painful sensation during sexual intercourse.

Both fibroids and polyps interfere with the process of conception and cause pain, spotting, and other gynecological symptoms.

Removing Uterine Growths

The Myosure tissue removal system is an innovative way to treat fibroids and polyps in a less invasive manner. It is a small tool, requiring less dilation.

The entire process can take around 30 minutes.

Using the Hologic Myosure system, your healthcare provider will remove the excess tissue that’s triggering your pain and bleeding.

WHS Gynecologist in (Port St. Lucie) performs this procedure by:

Candidates for the Myosure Procedure

Once your doctor diagnoses the presence of polyps or fibroids, the procedure can be used to remove them.

However, there are some contraindications, including:

Benefits of the Hologic Myosure System

The procedure carries several benefits, including:


Generally speaking, you will need 1 or 2 days before you can return to your normal routine. However, the rate of recovery may vary from one patient to another.

Risks of the Myosure Procedure

Similar to all other procedures, this technique carries some potential side effects, including:

Safe, Effective Treatment

The Hologic Myosure tissue removal system is an effective treatment that carries minimal side effects. The procedure helps patients get rid of polyps and fibroids without having to endure complex, invasive surgeries.

The instruments allow for the removal of polyps as small as 2.5 millimeters.

With that said, the first and most important step remains the accurate diagnosis of polyps and fibroids.

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