Medical Records

Scheduling an OB/GYN Appointment

At Women’s Health Specialists the confidentiality of your health information and OB GYN medical records is very importance to us. We strive to comply with all federal and state laws to the highest level possible. Please read our Notice of Privacy Practices for more information.

Women’s Health Specialists recommends that you utilize our patient portal for initial medical history documentation and interim medical information. You may enter the patient portal here.

We utilize encrypted connections to the Cleveland Clinic (Martin Health  Facilities) and St. Lucie Medical Center to better communicate with the hospitals and have more immediate access to your hospital records. We also have the capability to monitor Labor and Delivery at Tradition Hospital.

If you would like information sent from Women’s Health Specialists to another physician or hospital, please complete our “Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information FROM Women’s Health Specialists” form. Records sent to another health provider will be sent at no charge. Requests for records sent to attorneys, insurance companies or for your personal records will incur a charge for copying the information, as permitted under federal and state laws.

If you would like information from another physician or hospital sent to our office, please complete our “Authorization to Disclose Protected Information TO Women’s Health Specialists” form.

Please contact the Medical Records Department at Women’s Health Specialists at 772-261-9636 with any questions regarding your health information.


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