Stephanie Martinez


Stephanie Martinez, APRN, CNM started her nursing career in 2007. Her nursing experience includes care for patients in the psychiatric setting, the intensive care unit, pediatrics, and obstetrics/labor and delivery. In 2019 , she completed her master’s degree in nursing in nurse midwifery at Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA.

During her graduate program she was fortunate to spend her 2 year clinical internship with Women’s Health Specialists learning from highly experienced midwives, not only how to care for women but truly embodying the essence of being “with woman.” Stephanie believes in the innate ability of women, pregnancy, and birth. Her mission is to educate, encourage, and assist women during pregnancy, labor and birth so that women feel empowered and confident in their decisions, and as they transition into motherhood.

Stephanie is grateful to have joined the practice and to serve women throughout all phases of life, including annual gynecological exams, family planning and preconception care, contraceptive care, prenatal care, labor and delivery support, and reproductive education in infertility, nutrition, exercise, contraception, pregnancy health, and breastfeeding.